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👀 Want to BE in the next GUNSHIP music video? 👀


👀 Want to BE in the next GUNSHIP music video? 👀

If you are a UK resident we are inviting fans to join us in London on March 20th to be an extra in the new Gunship music video with us, Timmy Cappello and @milkie.way


Extras will feature as audience members during a futuristic cyberpunk / synthwave concert and are encouraged to dress the part. Prizes will be given for the best dressed.


The exact location in London is TBC for now. Extras will be required for approximately 3 hours during the afternoon of 20th March with specific timings also TBC. If you’re interested in appearing in the video, please register yourself ASAP via the link in bio and final details will be sent to you.

Ghost (feat. Power Glove)

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